An identity consists of several types of data ranging from name and address to personal preferences and even for example shoe size.

Consumers typically leave chunks of these data at different stages of the buyer journey through different channels, making it hard for companies to match the separate types of data into one ‘puzzle’ called a person’s identity.

In Master Data Management (MDM) definitions, this concept is called ‘Golden Record’ (see the figure below) referring to the high value of a complete identity overview. Companies that master this concept have a single view on the identity and are able to build trusted relationships with its customers.

iWelcome has implemented a most flexible and highly scalable Golden Record.

As any attribute and attribute type can be stored in this Golden Record, iWelcome’s clients are provided with one Single Source of Truth of its customers identity data. Via RESTful APIs the Golden Record can be extended with other attributes and the value of attributes can be changed.

This information is integrated in our customer’s infrastructure, but is also provided through the user interfaces.

Although the Golden Record provides the most up-to-date information on an identity, this is still insufficient in the context of identity management and – even more so – for privacy regulations as GDPR.

In addition to this, for every attribute contextual information is required (i.e. when was it updated, what is the source, expiration and deletion data, is (parental) consent required, what are the purposes of use, what is the level of assurance/reliability of the attribute value).

This contextual information is fundamentally embedded in the iWelcome datamodel via the concept of metadata. For the metadata iWelcome adheres to the NIST Standard 8112 (draft) for Attribute Metadata. Metadata can also be changed via UI and RESTful (consent) APIs.

iWelcome’s Golden Record of Identity data

The figure shows an overview of IWelcome’s Golden Record (including the metadata) and the User Interfaces and applications to gain insight into the data. This data structure and integration capabilities provides iWelcome customers with unparalleled support for frictionless customer journeys and GDPR compliance.