iWelcome comes ‘as-a-Service’ with a very unique Single Tenant or Private Cloud Approach.

For each customer, we make the service available in a dedicated instance of our Platform. Furthermore we provide dedicated test- and acceptance environments that are not just sandboxes but precise reflections of your production system.

Our customers enjoy the same benefits as with any other SaaS service. The service is fully managed, guarantees a high availability of 99,9% and comes at a TCO that is less than 50% of an on-premise IAM solution.

However, compared to the standard multi-tenant approach taken by all other IDaaS vendors, our private cloud provides far greater flexibility – in particular to meet your specific privacy and security concerns.

This also assures a seamless requirements fit for integration with your existing ICT landscape and offers us the ability to resonate our service windows with your operations organisation.

This way we can ensure the uninterrupted availability of your ICT operations, which we can even tune differently for your employee and consumer user domains.

And with Private Cloud we mean Private! We have taken this all the way from the application layers, down into the network connections between our 13 European, 3 US and 2 Asian datacenter zones.