Authentication is performed using iWelcome Authenticator, a distributed authentication and authorisation system that increases the security of your digital properties without requiring users to remember any passwords.

Depending on the angle you look at it and the specific use case, iWelcome is:

IDaaS* or AaaS**

*Identity as a Service or **Authentication as a Service

Focused on providing a secure authentication solution for a service's users. iWelcome does not rely on external solutions like Active Directory, LDAP, social logins or internal credentials database, but proposes a proprietary system where users, once on-boarded, can use their phone to authenticate with a service.

A software-based two factor authentication solution

Third party services may decide to keep their current authentication system and implement iWelcome as a second factor authentication service.

A supplier of personal encryption keys

Allowing a service to encrypt users' data in the browser, thus ensuring zero-knowledge at the service level. One specific use case would be an EMR (electronic medical records system that uses iWelcome as a provider of personal encryption keys for each of their patients. These will be used to encrypt and decrypt their records in the browser. iWelcome also provides ways for such a system to allow their users to collaborate on encrypted data.

A platform for generating custom mobile applications

Having a focus on security applications, the generated applications will contain all of the security features that exist in iWelcome mobile app and can include up to 3 custom pages. iWelcome also offers ways to customize the language, emails, web pages and other aspects of the generated mobile app.

A communication platform

It allows a service to leverage push notifications in order to send customised messages or collect feedback.

We recognize that different organizations have different problems or follow various opportunities and we've been amazed by the ingenuity we've seen in combining our set of features. Please contact us if you'd like a one-on-one session to assess your case and discuss potential solutions.